Sergio Lo Iacono

Sergio Lo Iacono

Assistant Professor

University of Essex

I am an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of Essex. In my work, I investigate what institutional and ecological factors facilitate cooperation and the development of sustainable societies.

I focus on the role of social networks, learning processes, wealth (in)equality, and sanctioning institutions in the emergence of trust and pro-sociality.

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  • Trust and Cooperation
  • Reputation
  • Social Networks
  • Institutions
  • Diversity
  • PhD in Sociology, 2018

    University of Essex

  • MA in Political Science, 2012

    University of Toronto

  • BA in International Relations, 2011

    University of Trieste

Ongoing Projects


Book: Trust Matters

With R. Barradas de Freitas.

Trust in the media

With T.D. Dores Cruz.

Trust and social ties

With J. Ermisch, D. Gambetta, B. Sonmez.

Inequality, Punishment, and Redistribution

With P. Andersson, M. Testori.

COVID-19 vulnerability and perceived norm violations predict loss of social trust

With W. Przepiorka, V. Buskens, R. Corten, A. van de Rijt.

The competitive advantage of sanctioning institutions revisited

With W. Przepiorka, M. van Assen, V. Buskens, R. Corten, A. van de Rijt.