Book: Trust Matters

With R. Barradas de Freitas.

Trust in the media

With T.D. Dores Cruz.

Gambling outlets and social disorganization

With N. Demireva.

Trust and social ties

With J. Ermisch, D. Gambetta, B. Sonmez.

A text-mining tool to identify gossip motives

With T.D. Dores Cruz.

Inequality, Punishment, and Redistribution

With P. Andersson, M. Testori.

COVID-19 vulnerability and perceived norm violations predict loss of social trust

With W. Przepiorka, V. Buskens, R. Corten, A. van de Rijt.

Gated information and sentiments towards asylum seekers

With B. Sonmez.

The competitive advantage of sanctioning institutions revisited

With W. Przepiorka, M. van Assen, V. Buskens, R. Corten, A. van de Rijt.