Trust Matters. Cross-Disciplinary Essays

This book examines the role of trust in public life. It seeks to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of certain fundamental concepts in political and legal theory, such as the concepts of authority, power, social practice, the rule of law, and …

Book: Trust Matters

With R. Barradas de Freitas.

Gambling outlets and social disorganization

With N. Demireva.

Inequality, Punishment, and Redistribution

With P. Andersson, M. Testori.

Gated information and sentiments towards asylum seekers

With B. Sonmez.

The competitive advantage of sanctioning institutions revisited

With W. Przepiorka, M. van Assen, V. Buskens, R. Corten, A. van de Rijt.

The effect of trusting and trustworthy environments on the provision of public goods

Published in the European Sociological Review.

Does community social embeddedness promote generalized trust? An experimental test of the spillover effect

Published in Social Science Research.